A Very Fine Military Blouse

This is one of my favorite, it’s a tropical female military blouse produced by Compton, Sons & Webb Ltd. from the R.A.F and it’s dated from around 1965. I have buy this blouse as my intention to make deeper research about female military garments.

It’s no easy to find female military issued clothing, but to discover one is always a great find.

The R.A.F. Blosue is very rare and have a intonse beautiful labelling with all the issue inscriptions, also the hand-stamp mark is very nice and interesting.

Note the sought after fabric wich is made this blouse: it’s a satin-based weave, with a kind of micro design on the surface, I have never seen this fabric before, and I’m tryng to reproduce it with one of my fellows friends that own a fabric company.

The neck also is interesting, it miss the back and the two lapels are inserted in the cut of shoulder.