Design Consultancy

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Cristiano Berto, born in 1965, began his career in the mid-80s, specialising from the beginning to merge into a single creative process, the two key aspects of the clothing design: the style of the product and the graphic applied to style.

The need to think of the designer as a single point of reference it is crucial, but the aspect that was missing was already to be able to design and follow “technically” the consistent fusion of the graphics and the style to which was added, gradually, the direct contact with the manufacturers of fabrics, labels, buttons, packaging and serigraphs needed to form a culture of stylistic design technically flawless, and also constant support for samples and tests.

Since the beginning of 2000, prompted by changes in the market that rewarded the projects of its customers, based on attention to the concept, the quality and the ability to communicate through the channel of emotion as well as that of the product, Cristiano Berto continues in methodology work as a “craftsman” that has become the basis on which run today its modus operandi.

The methodology of work is thus aimed to capitalise on the characteristics of designers, which focuses on the project and provides the customer with a clear product concept, which therefore includes all the main aspects of competence, with strong emphasis on originality, an aspect very neglected, recently, in the Italian clothing.

This means a great quality of work, attention to customers who are increasingly strong and precise targeting on the needs of the market that are always analysed and discussed in detail with the customer.

The types of product held in more than twenty-five years of business includes products in the area of​man, woman and child, specialisation occurs in the sportswear sector: from the world of denim, cotton pants and outerwear inspired by tailoring or deconstructed, but also outdoor and workwear, thanks to the archive of some very interesting and unissued pieces.

Very important and strong point is the shirts and knitwear design that in the years have reach interesting results.

Among the most significant collaborations is that from 2000 to 2012 as a consultant of Nicola Bardelle began with the creation of the logo Cohën Jacob and continued with a regular and important contribution in the lines Academy, Premium, Couture, on many aspects, both stylistic and image graphics.


Cristiano Berto is able to provide advice to companies structured as follows:


  • Study and development of the concept, mood board and research themes of the collections;
  • Choosing materials (fabrics and accessories);
  • Study and development of the style (from the technical draw to the final check of samples);
  • Graphic design (from the label to the prints and embroidery);
  • Support and research in the washing treatments;
  • Development of patterns, prototypes, placements;
  • Attention to price and service;


The services can be offered individually, in packages or in a a complete project consulting.