Designing the perfection

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”120″ align=”left” lightbox=”true” size=”medium”] When I think about something that I really can define “perfect” I must look at the Omega Speedmaster Professional, a tool watch for the connoisseurs.

So far to be a watch for fashion victims, the Speedmaster is a unique example of the old saying “the function determines the design” and infact the NASA choose this watch after a very hard series of test to prove the performance under the worst condition (imagine only the temperature changing from the direct sunlight to the shadow in the space) of some of the most know watches in the early sixties, many of them was refused (and, yes, also the Rolex was in the list…) and finally the winner will have the opportunity to be the first watch on the moon at the wrist of Astronaut Neil Armstrong.


It’s a simple piece of design, that well explain how much important is to “balance” your pencil when you approach to design something new and fresh… and not only in watchmaking, but also in any other field of design.

Some fine example? The “Alu” Chair of Ray Eames, the Chrome Limited Edition Luxo lamp made in the early 90’s, the Levi’s 501, The Leatherman Tools, The Airfix Figures of 60’s and 70’s…