Interview by Fashion We Like Blog

Mr. Haris Stav is the editor of one of the best blog I ever read.

“Fashion We Like celebrates fashion and the people behind it. With our interviews and editorial features we present those whose work and ideas render the spirit of our time”

Mr. Stav, make some questions to me:

Cristiano Berto is the designer and co-founder of the Italian label 1ST PAT-RN. Taking its name from a military term which identifies the first prototype of a garment, the brand was launched in 2011. Its aim is to produce small, targeted collections that are inspired by civil, military, and utility patterns, while all of its items are entirely made in #Italy.

The three essential things a man should know about #style are…
Learn and study: knowledge is power. Be simple and humble, always. Choose only (and this is mandatory) quality and well-manufactured items: always think about quality, not quantity.

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