Midori 2013 Diary from Miscellaneous Shop | Amsterdam

This year I have decide to change definitely the Diary set that I ever had from long time, I mean the minimal and simple MUJI “agenda” that is nice and very useful… but I was looking for something more “poetic” and exclusive made.

In my last trip to Japan I have seen the Midori Traveller concept at Tokyu Hands Dept. Store but for some reason I have not decide to buy, of course as usual when I’m coming back to home I regret not having done it.
So I was very happy to discover that not far from here, in Netherlands, the Miscellaneous shop stock the complete Midori concept for the traveller’s book.

I have ordered a little bit advanced set that will include few very useful “gadgets” to better use the diary, like a plain note pad, some stickers to attach items on the pages (like the nice envelopes you will see in my pictures below) a transparent envelope with zipper to store receipts and small items and of course 2013 diary.

The cover is made in leather, a really nice tanned vegetable leather that is soft but in the same time “firm”, with a easy and simple system you can set up the elements like books, notepads and diary and built your favorite set.

Miscellaneous also offer  a series of interesting add-on for the set and you’ll enjoy to see the so many options available.

Together with the set I have ordered a nice combo made by Kaweco: a Sport Fountain Pen and Pencil with their pouch.
I have choose to try the fountain pen even if my last usage of those instrument was very very far!
I have to say that the design and the quality of Kaweco set is outstanding, I really appreciate the fact that they manufacture the same model without changing design from 1935 and this is remarkable.

The Miscellaneous shop also send me a gift: a 2012 diary set… Thank You so much!

Everything is arrived very fast and the packaging was really nice, I would really recommend Miscellaneous shop.

If you want to know more about Midori and other rare stationery brands and other intelligent and nice stuff not easy to find in Europe, please, take a look at: http://www.misc-store.com