Welcome. Please have a cup of coffee.

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”89″ align=”left” icon=”zoom” lightbox=”true” size=”medium”]A cup of coffee. In my “Cassandra’s” cup.

Something that make me feel better, especially when I’m working around some new idea, or when I’m reading my favourite books, or, better, when I’m here tryng to write this first post, in front of my Mac…

I know, my english is not so good, so please don’t mind if this blog will be write in English or Italian, I will be free to change my language! I’ts funny if I think I have study French at school and I have learn English language translating the lyrics of the Beatles songs… I’ve passed lots of afternoon listening the Red and the Blue Album, with the lyrics in one hands and the dictionary in the other… so, I think, we can say that the Beatles, in some way, they was my teachers 😉

This Blog is my first experience (apart from my web site) to show in the internet my thought, my ideas, things that I like, and things that I dont’ like, things that inspire me and things that let me totally indifferent, it’s a way to share some experience and to learn more from the world outside, I hope that new friends will enrich me with their experience, and share with me new ideas about design, music, graphics, fashions.

Welcome in the K-Workshop.

ps: you’ll probably will know more about the “Cassandra’s” cups… Ok, I tell you the story. This cup is a present of my girlfriend that find this cup in a common shop… she immediately realize that this cup look like exactly of my beloved dog Cassandra, that leave me about one year ago. Cassandra was more than a dog, and probably in some other post I will talk about she. So, drinking a coffee in that cup, make me feel more better, because I can see again my Cassandra near me.