Novesta Footwear

I found a pair of Novesta Sneaker  a Slovak Republic brand that I never heard or seen in the market.
I have make some research and discover that this brand  got a long history.

They are start their company about 80 year ago, and the shoes are made with a kind of interesting manufacturing (38 pair of hands is behind each pair as they state on their website) which include some hand process and lot of knowledge working the natural rubber.

The design is very nice, good material and a very comfortable natural rubber sole that surprise me in comfort.

I like a lot the simple design combination of a good quality canvas and natural suede, as a designer  and owener of different kind of shoes from different manufactures and styles, and even if I have to say that I’m not a big lover of canvas shoes, I really have to say that Novesta design team have done a good job with this Lauco Low Model that is also available in more styles and colors.

A easy pair of shoes to wear with no worry, but good comfort and nice appearance, the price range is very good and allow to play with some more styles, including their historic model: The Star Low up in the market from the sixty, till now and available in very basic range of colors that will suit you whenever you wear a denim, a chino, or  a pair of fatigue, personally I love the Lauco also in a kind of modern Ivy style, with blazer, chino or denim and oxford shirt, including a regimental stripe tie, or like today, in a kind of “naval” style with work-blue blazer and striped sailor sweatshirt.


Check their website for more info on the manufacturing: