Tanner Goods Belt and Cards Holder Review

After having seen a video on Selectism.com  where a craftsmen at Tanner Goods made a belt, from a rough piece of leather I have decide to purchase, with the fine effort of the Tanner staff in Portland, Ore. where the Tanner Goods belts and accessories are manufacturing, a couple of belts and a very useful Cards holder, handcrafted at the factory by expert craftsmen.
After having worn and use for a while the items I’d like to write here my feelings about it.

Actually I’m wearing the STANDARD BELT, HAVANA COLOR with S.STEEL BUKLE and in my tote bags is sit the card holder, full of business card ready to use, I can say that they are part of my daily wardrobe and essential items to carry with me in the work tote bag.

The belt, matching my indigo jacket and chambray shirt


Both are ade with probably one of the best leather I’ve try in the last few items I have purchase, the Tanner goods belts and accessories, are cut from “vegetable tanned English Bridle American leather renowned for it’s ability to age beautifully and gain character over years of use. Traditionally used in saddlery and heritage leather goods, English Bridle leather gains color and marks of distinction like no other leather”.

The finish is smooth and very nice at the touch, but the weight and the feeling when around the waist is of rugged item and give a sensation of reliability and high quality, I have use the belt for more than one month, every single day and the belt is like new… you feel the leather is like “live” and sit around the waist like is “cut” on you: I never feel this kind of sensation before.
The manufacturing is supreme: the idea of the two press buttons that allow to change the buckle too, add a simple but interesting function to the belt: You can change the position of the button and gain a size if you want.
Each single detail is made with care, as you will see in the video, the manufacturing process is not simple and when you have the item in your hand you can understand why.

The color I prefer is the Havana, but in the website (where they are able to sell all over the world and assist you in every single step) lot of colors are available, I have choose to purchase also a a skinny type belt for my girlfriend in “natural” color with “brass buckle” and I think than my next purchase will be for sure a color like this, that is so useful and very nice especially to match a pair of military green fatigue trousers.
I am a 36 inch waist size and I was advised by the staff to purchase a 38 size belt, and I have to say that is correct to buy a upper size if you decide to buy a Tanner Goods belt, the latest hole is the correct size, so I have to see that the measures are perfectly intende, so if you gain a little bit of weight you have another four holes… this way the bel will serve you forever!
Even if you loose weight, you can ad a hole in a simple way.


The two press-buttons that allow you to replace the buckle (Tanner Goods sold also spare buckles in few nice finish)


The "natural color" Skinny belt


The card holder is designed very weel and contains all your business card or credit cards while you are travelling and give fast access to your items, it is made with the same quality and attention of the belts, I love this small card holder and at recently Pitti Uomo fair in Florence, while exchanging business cards with customers, everybody like it and ask me where I have bought!

Finally, a couple of words about the shipment.

I’ve received the items in a very short time via the FedEx courier, they arrived here in a very nice box, carefully packed: as I love stationery, packaging, type of papers… I was very pleased to open the parcel and see all this natural style papers and cardboards, to see the care they have put to wrap the belts in a raw natural paper.

The very nice "wrap" around a raw paper sheet


The touch of craftsmanship is enhanced by the ink stamp on the cardboard and the envelope…

The printed envelope with blue ink rubber stamp


Definitely I have to say that Tanner Goods, not only take care seriously at the product, put great care in communication and assistance for the customer, but they care all the small details and this is what I like from a company, it’s the same care I put in every aspect of my job, every day, for my customer: actually I think there’s no way to do serious and professional business in a world full of low priced/higher markup items, made without any care for the customer and without any soul, create just to make faster money.

You can buy the top quality items fromTanner Goods in some of the best shops of the world, or directly via their website.


Original Video of the manufacturing process: