Bomboogie Blueboat

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This is one of my customer and these few shots are from the Blueboat collection.
They have presented the last season (SS 2011) few days ago at Pitti Uomo in Florence and it was great success for the line!

Customer have appreciate this small but very focused part of the collection and the mood was very good.

The line is a modern and urban view of some classic theme: the Navy, Sailor and military oriented Marine Gear. I have cooperated with the head designer of the company in increase and upgrade most of the classic items starting from the Peacoat, till the re-invention of the denim: offering a fine cordura-cotton blend for deck chino, and for classic five pockets.
My job was also focused in the research of new kind of graphic style for labels and hangtags, inspired by the ships panel that you will find inside the decks.

The collection is part of the main line, Bomboogie, that you will see there: