G-Shock reinvented: the DW-5600 become the GX-56

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”216″ align=”left” lightbox=”true” size=”medium”] After being at the Casio meeting for the new Italian based office, and have seen with my eyes the prototype of new GX-56 I have understand (no doubt!) that the guys @ casio they are so smart.

This new GX-56 is the way the DW-5600 an icon for Casio G-Shock production (do you remember it at the wrist of Keanu Reeves on “Speed” Movie?) will be in the future.
New structure, new design , new size, more stronger and more “bad”.
A touch of color was added to the dial and the new size (increased about of 20%) will put this new GX-56 at the side of the other classic of the past (DW-8400 “Mudman” and DW-8300 Stargate”)
The DW-5600, by the way, still remain in production and a new model with carbon fiber strap it was presented few days ago.
Definitely, this GX-56 it will be mine as soon it will be available on the market, about the first week of July!