GRP | Realizzato ad arte in Toscana

This a new piece that I have recently purchase for the next fall-winter.

As usual and as this is my philosophy from lot of time , I only buy things (of any kind) that got a soul and give me emotion, I don’t buy by brand or by trend.
I love to buy items made with care and quality, items that show how much attention and passion was spent  to create them.

Yesterday I’ve spend a day in what I think is one of the best concept store in Italy: PROTEC in Bologna.
Fabrizio, always kind and always spreading knowledge to friends and customers and that select and  introduce in the shop only high quality brands, introduce me this vest.

GRP is a brand that I have admired from his born, but I didn’t expect to find here easily in Italy before to meet it in PROTEC.

GRP knitwear it’s a product “Fatto ad Arte in Toscana” that is absolutely more to say “Made in Italy” as they explain in their  hangtag (and it’s nice that in 1ST PAT-RN my own brand  I have decide two years ago to use a similar philosophy to tell to the customer that the product, in fact, is “more” than a Made in Italy product, as we have choose “Fabbricazione Italiana” to   explain our manufacturing) and It’s made with the best yarn you can find all around the world: Australian Supergeelong, Merino, Lambswool, Pima and so on.
All this yarns will be worked in the best way you’ll ever seen in a series of pieces that are not seeing often in the knitwear panorama.

In fact what I like of GRP is that they made lot of items that bring inspiration form others fields of fashion, I means jackets and coats, as well as vest and capes: all of them are classic work, tailored and outdoor inspired items, realized in knitting technology and this make the difference from other manufacturers.

Take this vest I have purchase for myself.

It is cut like a woven fabric vest: little bit shorter that the usual, like those tailored vest you will wear with a suit jacket.
It is made with a very nice workmanship in a selection of ribs one different from each other and this ribs create borders and details you can discover only if you spend time to study the vest.
Take the back for example, it show some very nice details made with ribs: you’ll be sure you didn’t find a similar workmanship in any other knitwear!

Details in some kind of light melton are used on the side and to profile the vest to add more strengthness where you have to close the vest.

The fitting also it’s so nice, I’m not a thin man and my body is not what you can tell as “athletic” you know, and usually I was always force myself buy a size up to wear items that fit me, but this was not a good options because you’ll always feel that you are not in you correct size: it’s also matter of feeling well in your mind inside a garment, not only in your body!

I try this medium size and it looks great on me, not too slim, not too large, it just works very good on my body, so I think it will fit great on other guys!

So, I’m very happy to introduce you this brand, and very happy to be  a customer of GRP.

Thanks Fabrizio of PROTEC to show me this vest and congrats to Maglificio GRP Staff for his great job on knitwear!

take a look also at PROTEC concept store: