A very important trip

The end of August see me moving for a very important trade show in Tokyo, where I will meet the new distributor (I will update the contacts ASAP!) for 1ST PAT-RN  for the very important Japanese market, that have shown a very deep knowledge and interest on the collection,  and where we try to show to top customers the job I’ve done with my brother Alessio trying to translate tailoring cut and tailored construction to a very difficult to work material: the knitted Cavalry.

Knitted Cavalry, and his brother the Knitted Oxford are some of the most new fabrics I ever seen and they are very innovative in the way they can let you worn a very casual, but elegant and tailored suit jacket, I have call this style: soft-tailored.

Those materials are “live”: they fit your body exactly how the denim does, when you wear them, they bring the forms of your body, they “moves” with you with the incredible relaxed comfort that only the knitting material can give, but without the loose look of the sweatshirt material, so you can wear 1ST PAT-RN jacket like your favorite tailored blazer… with shirt and tie… or with a t-shirt in a casual and easy way.

But the feature that bring them in a new perspective is that aside from the denim, when you wash them they have the property to come back to initial status, this let you wear the jacket in a very easy and comfortable wear.
We are working day by day to improve this feature and also we are trying new solutions for the fall and winter collection, where we will try lined and dry clean only new models made with wool blend yarn, to have the most and perfect tailored experience for some styles: 1ST PAT-RN is an amazing work in progress and we are very happy to make this steps in a new direction of knitted fabrics.

New Catalogs for SS-2013 are just arrived, and you will see some personal styles I have create to show my concepts of wearing of my jackets… the catalog will be available from the start of the SS-1013 delivery season through the most important customer and I will release on the 1ST PAT-RN website the list.

More news from japan will be updated via my Twitter and Facebook profile… so, keep in touch 😉
And… Tokyo, we are coming!