Kamikaze Shop in Japan

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”196″ align=”left” lightbox=”true” size=”medium” autoHeight=”true”] If you are walking in Omotesando Road and would like to see a very interesting shop, then you must go to see the Kamikaze Shop, just around the corner, few steps from the main road, check it here:


I discover this shop because I walk in t small street aside of Omotesando to search architecture and garden in the town…
I will surprised to see this small shop, load with military vintage pieces, inside and out… after going inside I see that my first impression was good. This is a shop to see if you like a perfect and intelligent way to re-style military garment, check the page of custom models:


[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”198″ align=”left” lightbox=”true” size=”medium”] http://kamikazejp.com/cf/

The two owners are so kindly, they show me lot of fine styles, one for all the perfect pants: T.C.U. TROUSERS (O.D./LARGE) they have worked a pair of trousers for the Battle Dress Uniform with additional pockets, new color matching, belt detail.
Let me say that I have try and purchase those pants in fine nanosec!
Fantastic material (original ripstop in respect of the original standard) nice color and perfect fit.
It is fine that is possible to change the length with a very intelligent system.
So, thanks for the guys at kamikaze, one of the best military and re-style utility shop in Japan!
And thanks also to put me on their blog 🙂