Stock Number Project is ready!

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Stock Number is my new project, made in cooperation with Only T-Shirt Company, for the Topten initiative. Stock Number is intended like a “data-base” of clothes who form the backbone of an imaginary travel bag, that any person should have and which are examples of a style where prevailing pragmatic design, good materials, accurate manufacturing.
Following the historic knowledge of Cristiano Berto, owner of the brand and designer of the collection, It is based on the concepts of simple and authentic items, made with the best quality, inspired from vintage and modern military and tactical garments, utility clothes, authentic denim, workwear, travel and sport clothes.

There is a “no season concept” in the materials, Stock Number have basic continuative materials and also is possible to have special materials, based on season.
The look of the collection will be, always and forever, non ironed, regular and easy fit and worn out style. Stock Number will always offer a color card based on the classic and institutional basic and army colors: Navy Blue, Olive Drab, White, Kakhy, Carbon and a range of melange colors based on the classic grey tone.
Denim is very important in the collection and we will develope the denim range season by season.

The graphics will always be minimal, clean and with technical design based on “Helvetica” type lettering: Stock Number does not want follow trends or themes, forever!

The packaging is a key element: the clothes are sold vacuum.

Stock Number will offer also a line of stationery products inspired by the workers and military note pad, accessories like belts and handbags and is currently on studying a watch inspired by military and technical style.