“La Britola”: an handmade knife made in Valdobbiadene

A few nights ago I spent some hours in the streets of my small village where he holds an annual craft fair, very famous, not only in this area, but with visits from all over Italy and neighboring countries.

One of the artisans that struck me most was the creator of the so-called “Britola” a small knife in use above all among the farmers of the area, making it the instrument of all days, both at work (which may be the pruning of the vines sparkling wine) than in normal daily activities like peeling an apple, cut a piece of bread or cheese.

The production is totally handmade, the blade is hand forged and during the exhibition can also see the craftsman who works directly on a Britola then you can buy directly.

Anyone who knows me knows very well how much I adore things that come from the hands of artisans, of this passion I made ​​my way to work everyday, so I have already secured one of these “britole” (I have choose a special type with a different kind of blade shape) to be placed in the small handcrafted items collection that occasionally remind me of the great value of the area in which I live and where every day there are people who create and disseminate great knowledge.

You can follow the Facebook profile of  “Britola” or visit the website:

La Britola