New glasses

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”173″ align=”left” lightbox=”true” size=”medium”] Recently I have discover that I need a new pair of glasses to change with mine “Donald Fagen” style frames.
My research start looking if in my area there was some dealer of the famous brand Dita that make the best eye-wear in the world.
I was very pleased to discover that about 20 minutes from where I live, in the Riviera del Brenta area there’s not only a dealer, but a beautiful concept store for the best brand of eye-wear ever seen:
The people in the “white box” was so kind and very friendly, it’s clear they have good taste and deep knowledge, also they have enough dare to offer those kind of brands…(not easy at all) they let me try about thirty pieces of many brands… but finally my choice goes to the Dita “Statesman” model: a mix fof rĂ©tro design and modern technology, they use hand made manufacturing, micro etched titanium and a kind of finish that I never see on a pair of glasses, definitely the best.


[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”174″ align=”left” lightbox=”true” size=”medium”] Not happy I’ve choose the latest Lanvin design, with a taste of 60’s that I think is very, very nice, especially in the material and colour… they remind me a Michael Caine picture of the 60’s that I’ve seen recently.

Lanvin, is coming back very strong in the latest fashion collection and I think is one of the best brand, that are working a in a new direction for the menswear, they will fight the skinny, slim line and offer a new proportions for the man, that let the fit stay in touch with the body, without force you to lose about 20 kilo to be in “size” for the latest look. Also they explore a new conception for the “oversize” style that is based on the materials… shine, soft and very rich.