The Rolex Explorer I Ref. 1016

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”169″ align=”left” lightbox=”true” size=”medium”] When talking about clean and minimal design, is impossible to don’t write a couple of lines about the Rolex Explorer I Ref. 1016 design.
I have recently acquire this 1975-76 piece and I can’t avoid to talk about the perfect balance of the dial design, the very minimal graphic and the impressive care of the details. It’s come to me with a NATO military strap, that give him a strong professional look, but I have provide also a Ref. 7836 folded steel bracelet, correct for the age, that is important to complete this beauty.
The Explorer was first used in the Everest conquest, and in many other adventures from the south pole to the northern territory of Greenland.

I think the 3-6-9 digit at the quarters are some kind of archetype in watches design.
The balance of the rigorous tritium dial and the “mercedes” hands give another lesson in clean and perfectly shaped minimal design.
Indeed, this is a classic piece of design in watches, despite the perfect movement 1570 with hack that is inside, that give a perfect time, at the second, whenever you are: at the top of a mountain… or your annoying meeting @ 28th floor meeting room 😉